Capturing Maintenance and Renewal Master Data for Importing into a CMMS


The Asset Institute is working collaboratively with Metro South Health, Synengco, Intrinsic Engineers and QUT to develop robust and efficient processes for the capture and upload of asset maintenance and renewal data into a Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

Metro South Health is providing the pilot site – a newly commissioned Community Health Centre; Synengco are providing a novel data capture application and data validation expertise, Intrinsic Engineers are sourcing and managing the personnel required to capture the data while QUT is providing advice on the facilities and infrastructure maintenance planning methodology.

The project has resulted in the development of an innovative data capture tool unique in its ability to efficiently capture accurate asset data. The taxonomies outlined in ISO 14224:2016 have been used to guide data capture and validation methodologies used in this pilot work.

Don Sands of Synengco said “We were keen to ensure that the data could be validated and that data capture could be done efficiently.”

The data capture for this inaugural project is being undertaken by engineering students. Steve Pudney of Intrinsic Engineers said “We felt it was important to provide work experience opportunities to students but also to control the costs”. The students were given initial training and practice in data capture and ongoing support throughout the capture process.

Feedback from project participants, including the students, is being sought for the purpose of continuous improvement.

Anyone interested in further information or wanting to capture asset related data can contact Don Sands at or Steve Pudney at .