Asset Management Maturity Assessments


The Problem to be solved

Asset management maturity assessments assist organisations responsible for delivering and managing built assets to meet community and service delivery needs currently and into the future, as well as address the need to minimise risk, achieve value-for-money, and promote sustainability. An assessment enables managers to understand and appreciate the level of maturity of their organisations and their ability to deliver on the objectives of good asset management. Assessing organisational asset maturity is often costly, difficult to understand and relies on expertise outside the organisation.

Our Solution

The Asset Institute’s Asset Management Capability Maturity Model (AMCaMM) is used to provide an assessment of the level of asset management maturity held by the organisation at the strategic level. Maturity is mapped according to a five level assessment, with level 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. The asset management maturity assessment is targeted at senior managers and is completed with reference to workplace experience and familiarity with asset management derived from practical knowledge rather than consulting specialist reports or other organisational data. The results of the assessment are available immediately in an easy to understand format.

We assess asset management strategies and practices through:

  1. Assessing capability for each process area for an organisation’s current Strategic Asset Management (SAM) practices;
  2. Mapping the results of the assessment (overtime and against other benchmarks)
  3. Understanding the organisation’s target capability level (the gap); and
  4. Developing a plan to move the organisation to the desired maturity levels.

The process of performing the Strategic Asset Management Maturity Assessment analysis involves:

  1. Implementing a tailored survey to specific requirements of the member/client;
  2. Gathering evidence by administering survey/facilitated group interviews;
  3. Determining findings and drawing conclusions that are based on co-produced interpretations of the results.

Gathering evidence involves either administering online surveys or undertaking facilitated group interviews conducted with the organisation’s senior managers to assess and determine the current state of the systems, processes and procedures being used for Asset Management.  Questions are designed using the requirements of best practice asset management including ISO 55001 Asset Management coupled with international and national best practice

Our Track Record

We have conducted AMCaMM assessments for a number of public and private organisations, including Local Councils, Universities, Hospitals, and Commercial Property Managers and Property Owners with positive outcomes such as the revision of asset management policy, providing an evidence-based understanding of the readiness of the organisations to adopt the ISO 55000 Asset Management Standard and benchmarking in sectors.

More information

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